Current Lone Star officer,former "La Cosa Nostra" enforcer.


When you need legs broken, outlooks rearranged, or just a little show of force to convince somebody that you mean business, give Dom a call. He’s big, he’s strong, he’s tough, and many times just having him show up and look intimidating is enough to get the target to fall into line. If not, he can handle the situation in any number of ways, from bare fists and baseball bats all the way up to bad-ass blades and heavy artillery. Dom has seen just about everything there is to see on the streets while working strong-arm duty for corp and mob bigwigs, and he’s smart enough to know a good deal when he sees one. These days, he’s looking to move beyond merely using his talents in the service of others; sure, that pays well, but if he can eliminate the middleman and handle the jobs himself, well – that can pay even better.



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